Unveiling of the Christian flag in Neuchâtel

Unveiling of the Christian flag in Neuchâtel

Church origins

From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible is the foundation of Christian Science theology and practice. In particular, Jesus’ ministry highlights the fact that healing and renewal occur when we become aware of our true spiritual nature, created in the image and likeness of God.

This is well illustrated in the biblical accounts of Abraham, Jacob, Moses, the prophets, and Jesus and his direct disciples and those who followed his teachings.

Church of Christ, Scientist was founded by Mary Baker Eddy in 1879. *This church includes the Mother Church in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, and Church of Christ, Scientist churches around the world. (*Not related to Scientology)

Origins of Christian Science

Mary Baker Eddy, who discovered and founded Christian Science, defines this science as “the law of God, the law of good…” (Essentials of Divine Science). This deep understanding of God as infinite love and unchanging goodness inspires every person with prayer that brings healing, renewal, and restoration.

In 1866, an injury deemed fatal forced Mary Baker Eddy to turn faithfully to God. Opening her Bible, I came across a passage telling how Jesus healed a man instantly and completely. She was conquered by a new conception of God as spirit, as a single reality, and she was instantly healed. Then she wanted to understand how and why she was healed. During the ensuing years, she continued her research and discovered in the Bible the basic divine laws that would form the basis of her teachings and practice of Christian Science.

By this time, Mary Baker Eddy was already taking notes on these remedies, notes that she would later develop in her major work, Science and Health with the Key to Scripture, which contains the full exposition of Christian science and the practice of healing and spiritual renewal.

Neuchatel marina

The current headquarters of Christian Science is located in Neuchâtel at Faubourg de l’Hôpital 20, a place steeped in history. In 1900 the Banque Cantonal Neuchâteloise had a building built to accommodate the counters. Once BCN moved in in 1922, there was a conservatory, cinema, meeting room and then Christian Science until today. In fact, the latter has been around in Neuchâtel for more than a century, since the first group was formed in 1920.

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  • »Read or buy the Bible, science and «Health with the key to the Bible».
  • » Attend the Sunday church service and Wednesday testimony meeting in person or online.
  • » Go to a Christian Science reading room or attend a conference.
  • »Contact a practitioner, nurse, or Christian Science teacher.
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  • » Check with the Mary Baker Eddy Library for public events and research opportunities.

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