United States: Presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr.'s brain was partially “eaten” by a worm

Robert Kennedy Jr., John Kennedy's nephew, suffered from a worm that ate part of his brain in 2010.
The parasite caused him serious health problems and memory loss.
The 70-year-old lawyer known for conspiracy theories is a candidate for the presidential elections next November.

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From memory to court and long term, cognitive problems… The candidacies at the Maison Blanche Robert Kennedy Jr., fils of the Ministry of Justice and candidats at the President Robert “Bobby” Kennedy, a victim in his life the brain. This is what The New York Times, In a poll published on Wednesday, May 8, in the middle of the presidential campaign. The nephew of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, who was assassinated in 1968, is running as an independent candidate.

This information revealed by the American daily newspaper is based, among other things, on a document related to his divorce. In this deposition, which the media consulted, Robert Kennedy Jr. indicates that doctors diagnosed this “A worm entered his brain and ate part of it and he died.” In 2010. He mentioned in the same filing “Clear cognitive problems”as “Loss of long and short-term memory”. According to Stephanie Spear, spokeswoman for the candidate interviewed by AFP, he was infected with a “parasite” during a trip “In Africa, South America or Asia”.

Known for conspiracy theories

“The problem was resolved over ten years ago and today he is in very good physical and mental health.”She said before adding: “It is funny to question Mr. Kennedy's state of health when we see who he is facing.”. His presidential rivals, Joe Biden and Donald Trump, are 81 and 77 years old, respectively. The proof is his relative youth: This winter, he skied in Wyoming with Travis Rice, one of the best snowboarders in the world. However, the worm in his brain would not be the only health problem to affect Robert Kennedy Jr. in recent years. according to The New York TimesHe was reportedly suffering from atrial fibrillation, an abnormal heart condition, and mercury poisoning.

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Robert “Bobby” Kennedy's son entered the race for the White House for the first time as a candidate in the Democratic primaries, before declaring himself an independent. He has been particularly controversial during the Covid crisis for spreading conspiracy theories. For example, Robert Kennedy Jr. announced that the vaccine caused cases of autism.

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