United States: Blizzard blankets California

United States: Blizzard blankets California


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It is an unusual picture in the United States. California is covered in a great white coat after a snow storm passed on Saturday, February 25.

Snow falls in large flakes bone Angeles (USA), Saturday, February 25. This is unheard of little Americans. It is usually in the region between 10 and 20 degrees Celsius. A little further north, in the San Francisco area (United State)Some beaches have been bleached. California (United State) I haven’t seen this since 1989. So some residents rushed to the heights to take advantage of it.

Motorists adapt to exceptional circumstances

“It’s unbelievable, we come here all the time, and to see this landscape we know so well under the snow, it’s really strange. It’s funnyThe resident enthused. In this snowplow spotting area, motorists had to take precautions. I have a coat, I have warm pants, I have mittens, and I have a shovel in the back. I have enough food if I have to fend for myself.” explains one of them.

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