United States: A neo-Nazi prisoner and his accomplice are arrested after a bloody escape

United States: A neo-Nazi prisoner and his accomplice are arrested after a bloody escape

The two suspects appeared on the front pages of American news channels in recent hours. A neo-Nazi prisoner and his accomplice suspected of killing two people while on the run were arrested Thursday in the United States after his violent escape during a visit to a hospital in Idaho. A major manhunt for the two suspects sparked panic after their stunning escape on Wednesday at around 2am.

Skyler Mead was a member of the Aryan Knights, a white supremacist gang, and was a classified dangerous prisoner, incarcerated under the solitary confinement system. But during a visit to the hospital in Boise, an armed accomplice attacked the prison officers supervising him and allowed him to escape in the middle of the night.

The accomplice was identified as Nicholas Amphenor. Police say he injured two corrections officers during the attack. A third prison guard was wounded by police officers who were sent to the hospital, who confused him with the shooter. Boise Police Chief Ron Winegar said the lives of the three injured correctional officers were not in danger.

The duo may have killed two people

Ron Winegar explained during a press conference that the two men were arrested “around two o’clock this afternoon” in Twin Falls, a small town in this western American state. He added that the two men were arrested after a “short chase” without any shots being fired.

During their 36-hour escape, the duo may have killed two people, according to Idaho State Police Lt. Col. Sheldon Kelly, who is in charge of the investigation. He explained: “We are investigating two murders committed in two different locations (…) that may be linked to this case.”

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Authorities said the two men had shaved heads and large tattoos, and had been imprisoned in the same prison in the past. Nicholas Amphenor was released in January. Skyler Meade had been serving a 20-year prison sentence since 2016 for shooting a police officer during a chase.

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