United Kingdom: King Charles III suffers from a “type of cancer,” Buckingham Palace announced

United Kingdom: King Charles III suffers from a “type of cancer,” Buckingham Palace announced

the king Charles III75 years old, suffering from discovered cancer During his prostate surgery About ten days ago I started treatment, Without planning to stop all its activitiesBuckingham Palace announced on Monday. “During the last procedure for benign prostatic hyperplasia, an obvious problem was noted.” And the “Subsequent tests identified a form of cancer“, explains the palace in a press release, Without giving further details, But with the determination that sovereignty “I will continue to take care of the affairs of state”.

“Regular treatments”

The king is like this “Today he began a regular treatment program, during which doctors advised him to postpone his public activities.” Specifies the press release. Nine months after his coronation, the 75-year-old king not only intends to completely stop his activities as head of state of the United Kingdom, but also of 14 other countries. it will continue “To take care of state affairs and administrative tasks as usual.”. According to Buckingham Palace, the King “He remains very optimistic about his treatment and looks forward to returning to public office as soon as possible.”While Princess Kate, wife of heir to the throne William, is recovering after surgery.

Like the operation he had to treat a benign prostate problem, which Charles III was transparent about “He chose to share his diagnosis to avoid speculation, and in hopes of helping the public understand those affected by cancer around the world.”Referred.

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The announcement of his prostate problem actually contradicted the secrecy surrounding Queen Elizabeth II's health in previous years. He died on September 8, 2022, at the age of 96at the end of a record reign of 70 years.

Prince Harry visits the United Kingdom

Prince Harry, the youngest son of King Charles III, who is in exile in the United States and at odds with the royal family, announced that he will visit his father in the coming days in the United Kingdom. Therefore, the person who moved to California with his wife, Meghan, and their two children, will return to British soil despite the notorious tensions with his father and older brother, William.

According to British media, he will come alone, as happened during the coronation. Harry (39 years old) and his wife Meghan (42 years old) stepped down from their royal duties in early 2020 due to conflicts and tensions, including accusations of racism, and pressure from the media.

Emmanuel Macron wishes the King a “speedy recovery”

On Monday evening, Emmanuel Macron sent his “friendships to King” Charles III, wishing him a “speedy recovery” in a message published on the “X” website.Our thoughts are with the British peopleHe added, joining the wishes for recovery that poured in in the hours that followed this announcement.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak wished so immediately “Speedy recoveryTo the king, adding: “I have no doubt that he will quickly regain all his strength and I know that the whole country is sending him its best wishes.” Opposition Labor Party leader Keir Starmer and the Scottish Independence Prime Minister were among the politicians who sent well wishes.

US President Joe Biden said “was worried” To King Charles III, he pointed out during a short interview with the press. Former President Donald Trump, the front-runner for the Republican Party nomination, announced on his social network Truth Social that the king is the king. “awesome man“, he pointed out: “We pray for a speedy and complete recovery.”

“British public opinion is in shock”

On Tuesday morning, this shocking announcement appeared on the front page of every British newspaper. “I have cancer“For the sun”King's cancer shock“For the mirror or simply”The king has cancer“For The Telegraph newspaper.

'The shock is huge', It was answered on Monday on the franceinfo website Isabelle Revere, a journalist specializing in the British monarchy, ensured this “British public opinion is in shock.” “This is a family that goes through a series of misfortunes in quick succession. This ultimately comes shortly after the disappearance of Queen Elizabeth II.” She explained. This shock seems more important than the importance of Charles III “A guy with a real healthy lifestyle. He never smoked […] He is a man who has always been athletic, and even today, he continues to walk a lot.

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Isabelle Rivière also welcomed the change in communication with the royal family: “What is striking and absolutely unprecedented in the history of the royal family is this desire for transparency shown by King Charles III since the beginning of his health problems.” Especially during prostate surgery: He added: “When he underwent this procedure, he chose to explain everything, and to say what he was experiencing, to encourage all men in the Kingdom to take the test, to follow his example.” The message that the British heard, according to the journalist: “We have seen, in the days following the publication of his press release, a very marked and very significant increase in the number of prostate cancer screening appointments made across the Kingdom of Great Britain.”

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