understands everything.  What is Wagner’s new rival Russian militia convoy recruiting mercenaries for?

understands everything. What is Wagner’s new rival Russian militia convoy recruiting mercenaries for?

Created in 2022 in Crimea, this special military unit began to be deployed in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

After the Wagner Group, Russia introduced a new private militia and began to deploy to aid the Kremlin in the conflict it opposes in Ukraine.

Who is behind this militia?

This special paramilitary unit was created at the end of November 2022, by Sergey Aksionov. This Moldovan-born Russian businessman is named after Prime Minister of the attached Crimean government in 2014 by Vladimir Putin himself.

The head of the Crimean state also announced its establishment last March on television. Members of this unit are also called “Aksionovtsy” Whether on the battlefield or via social networks, with reference to the man.

What is a “caravan”?

Sergey Aksionov explained that it was Crimean assault and reconnaissance battalion.

The unit consists exclusively of: volunteers. All that follows a Military training At the Crimean training grounds.

According to the little information that could be filtered, this special unit would have no fewer than 300 fighters. The latter will operate in the Crimea and in the south of Ukraine, in the Kherson region.

This unit’s fighters are filmed training in the jungle, learning to build trenches and lay land mines.

Who leads this group?

According to the information you provided important stories, The commander of this militia will be a colonel Konstantin Pikalov54 years old, goes by the nom de guerre “Mazai”.

This man is a former leader of the Wagner Group, and was also the right-hand man of Yevgueni Prigojine, the leader of the Wagner Group, as reported. Parisian.

The other president who exposes himself more to the media is Vasily Yachikov. The latter is best known for his fight in 2018 against anti-Putin protesters and supporters of Navalny.


Even if most of the mercenaries are former members of the Wagner Group, recruitment campaigns abound on the Internet to find volunteers to fight, particularly on the Ukrainian front.

Then the volunteers sign two decades : one with militia convoy and another with Russian Ministry of Defense.

High salary and promised lands

The previous mercenary of this group had given some salary information.

The soldier will receive 200,000 rubles, which is equivalent 2400 euros and officer (highest rank) 300,000 rubles or thereabouts 3600 euros per month.

In addition to the promise: mercenaries who would hold out for more than a year could obtain it Land in Crimea or Abkhazia, a Russian-occupied region of Georgia. But you still have to be alive…

Competitor or not for Wagner?

It was presented as a competitor to the Wagner Group, especially after it Strong tensions Between Evgueni Prigojine and the Russian Defense Ministry, it appears as an alternative to this unit.

British intelligence believes that the emergence of this new militia will serve the Kremlin in order to obscure Wagner’s “dominant role” in Ukraine.

But the militias in question may not be competitors. On the contrary: for the Kyiv Post, a caravan will actually come from A.S Collaboration between Sergey Aksionov and Yevgeny Prigozhin.

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The couple are said to be on good terms since Sergei Aksionov siding with Chief Wagner against Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and Russian Chief of Staff Valery Gerasimov after a dispute, reportedly. 7 out of 7.

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