Uncontrolled and wild weather in southern Europe

Uncontrolled and wild weather in southern Europe

Heat wave affects southern Türkiye and heavy storms in Spain cause damage.


While countries like France and Germany are still waiting for summer to come, Türkiye He has been suffering from a heat wave for several days.

Along the country's western and southern coasts, temperatures are 8 to 12 degrees above seasonal averages, and the thermometer is expected to continue rising to 40 degrees.

This heat wave will hit the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean until the end of the week.

Spain under storms

At the same time SpainWe are trying to recover from the strong storm that flooded towns in the area Murcia is in the southeast of the country.

Many rivers overflowed and the streets turned into torrents of mud, surprising the residents.

Farmers were severely affected, with some losing their entire crops within hours.

The olives were thrown away, along with the vegetables that were grown here. Everything was destroyed“Explains a farmer from the town Calaspara.

Finally, Palma Airport on the island of Mallorca was completely flooded. Pictures posted on social media showed tracks covered in water 50 cm high.

Flights were canceled and the interior of the airport sustained significant damage.

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