Ukraine: The fall of a NASA satellite causes panic in the sky of Kiev

Ukraine: The fall of a NASA satellite causes panic in the sky of Kiev

A flash in the sky of Kyiv. If some believed for a few minutes in a new air attack by Russia, especially on social networks, it was not. The huge, luminous halo that crossed the sky of the Ukrainian capital was due to the fall of a NASA satellite, according to the city administration.

“Around ten o’clock in the evening, a glow of an air object was observed in the Kiev sky. According to preliminary information, this phenomenon is the result of a NASA satellite falling to the ground, ”said the head of the Kiev city military department Sergey Popko on Telegram.

always according to The words of this official were reported by the Kiev Independent newspaperAn air raid alert was issued to protect against debris coming from the sky. Kiev also states that the city’s air defense did not intercept the satellite.

Soon after, the Ukrainian Air Force also claimed that the flash was “related to a satellite/meteor fall”, while stating that this has yet to be clarified. The force added, “Social media enjoys posting UFO memes, but please don’t use the official Air Force logo to make memes.”

this tuesday, space modes It reported that NASA’s RHESSI satellite, which studied the Sun from 2002 to 2018, will fall to Earth in the coming days. According to estimates by the US military, the satellite was scheduled to enter Earth’s atmosphere on Wednesday around 8 p.m.

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