“Ukraine is getting back what it has,” Zelensky says as Kyiv counterattacks in the south.

“Ukraine is getting back what it has,” Zelensky says as Kyiv counterattacks in the south.

A former Ukrainian deputy who became part of the Russian occupation was martyred

Russian investigators said, today, Monday, that the former Ukrainian MP loyal to Zelensky, Alexei Kovalev, who joined the Russian occupation forces in the Kherson region, was killed. The deputy head of the military and civil administration of the Kherson region in charge of agricultural issues Alexei Kovalev died after being shot.the Russian Investigative Committee said on its Telegram account.

The attack was carried out at his home on August 28. A young woman living with the deceased was also a victim of criminals.The commission in Russia responsible for major criminal cases added, without providing further details. In recent months, several Russian-appointed officials in the Ukrainian lands they occupied have been wounded or killed in attacks.

Alexei Kovalev, 33, was elected in 2019 as a deputy in the Kherson region and joined the group of President Volodymyr Zelensky in the Verkhovna Rada. After the Kremlin offensive at the end of February and the occupation of the Kherson region, he joined the occupation administration.

As reported by Max Seddon, Director of the Moscow Office of british newspaper financial timesAlexei Kovalev met in June with the Kremlin official in charge of the Russian occupation, and announced: “Russia is here for real and forever.” A few weeks later, Russia accused “Ukrainian Special Services” to try to kill him.

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