UFC 271: Adesanya VS.  Whitaker tonight on RMC Sport 2

UFC 271: Adesanya VS. Whitaker tonight on RMC Sport 2

It’s time for revenge! And it’s very early on a Sunday morning. UFC 271 will start at 4:00 AM CST on the night of Saturday 12 February to Sunday 13 February at RMC Sport. But the line-up is attractive, with a fight for the middleweight title, Adesanya VS. Whitaker, or Shock of Lewis vs. Tuisava at Heavyweight and Cannonier VS. Bronson, middleweight again. One of the best cards at the start of the year!

After the huge poster Ngannou VS. Jane for the heavyweight title, the madness continues into February, with another battle for the big gold belt. This time it is the middleweight champion, held by Israeli-Nigerian Adesanya since 2019, who secured it after defeating New Zealander Robert Whitaker. So the two fighters meet for revenge that promises to be huge. Because the rude behavior of Adesanya, deserves an episode of Cobra KaiDuring the first confrontation, he must be an additional source of motivation for the avenger Whitaker…

In 2019, while he stayed on for nine straight wins, two against Yoel Romero to become the Ultimate Fighting Championship middleweight champion, New Zealander Robert Whitaker saw the arrival of a small phenomenon, Nigeria’s Israel Adesanya. This person had won all his battles, and held the temporary title. In just two rounds, he united belts, killed with alarming ease, more than borderline arrogance, and Whitaker was overwhelmed by his opponent’s blows. Since then, Adesanya has defended his title three times, winning each time, but losing his first fight in an effort to try out the top class, light heavyweight, against Poland’s Jan Blachowicz. For his part, Whitaker defeated Till, Cannonier and Gastelum, thereby earning the right to claim the title again. Between two excellent fighters, it’s then a massive fight that promises to end UFC 271 in style. on RMC Sport. But before that we will have already seen some very nice things, this card is especially attractive…

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Also on the show were Lewis, Cannonier and Bronson

Do you remember Derek Lewis? It was he who was defeated by Cyril Jean last year to take the interim heavyweight belt, and win the right to challenge Frances Ngannou, in the most anticipated fight of the year. In third place among the heavyweights, the American came back to face another New Zealander, Tai Toivasa, who still holds four straight wins. Heavyweight among dumbbells! A little before that, still in the middleweight class, the Adesanya and Whittaker class, we can enjoy ourselves: the third, Jared Cannonier, is already challenging the fourth, Derek Brunson. The Americans will not give each other gifts, knowing that the winner of this fight will soon have a good chance to challenge the winner of Adesanya VS. Whitaker 2 for the title. Additional motivation as required when entering the appraiser…

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