Uber drivers in the UK get paid leave, pensions after a Supreme Court ruling

Uber drivers in the UK get paid leave, pensions after a Supreme Court ruling

The company He said Tuesday As “workers” – a unique classification of UK labor law that falls short of “employee” – drivers are entitled to a minimum wage, vacation time and pension. Uber did not implement the changes to Uber Eats food delivery workers, only passenger car drivers.
Uber (Uber) He said the minimum wage would be based on sharing time after flight acceptance and after expenses – a definition that could be subject to scrutiny. The court decided last month that drivers operate from when the Uber app is running, and not just when transporting passengers as the company has argued.

Last month, the court ruled that a group of Uber drivers who filed a lawsuit with the Labor Court were not independent contractors because their activities were “very tightly defined and managed by Uber”. The judge cited the company’s control of prices and how it dictated contractual terms for drivers performing their services. The lawsuit against Uber was first filed by Yassin Aslam and James Farrar in 2016 when the two men were driving for Uber.

The decision represents a major defeat for Uber in the United Kingdom, where it has come under pressure from labor activists and transport regulators. Uber defended its controversial business model of treating its workers as independent contractors, while recently introducing new benefits as a kind of middle ground.

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi wrote in an opinion piece published on Tuesday: “After the UK Supreme Court ruling last month, we could have continued to challenge drivers’ rights to any of these protections in court. Instead, we decided to turn the page. ” . The Evening standard Discuss changes. “We have called for updates to legal frameworks, in both the United States and the European Union, that would ensure benefits and protections for freelance workers without removing the flexibility that makes this type of work so attractive to them in the first place.”
The change in her business model in the United Kingdom follows a decisive victory in her home state, California, where Voters passed a ballot In November, Uber and other gig economy firms exempted from state law that would have required them to reclassify drivers and delivery personnel as employees rather than independent contractors.

As part of the polling process, Uber continues to treat its drivers as independent contractors with some new benefits perks, including ensuring minimum profits based on “time to share” when a driver fulfills a pick-up or drop-off request, but not the time they spend waiting for a party. Uber and other gig companies have announced that they plan to push similar laws in other states, as well as pursue federal legislation in the US to bolster their approach.

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