U-20 World Cup – 'They will want to roll over us' believes Matisse Castro Ferreira ahead of New Zealand clash

U-20 World Cup – 'They will want to roll over us' believes Matisse Castro Ferreira ahead of New Zealand clash

The Blues face New Zealand tomorrow in the group stage of the U-20 World Cup. Ahead of that meeting, Matisse Castro Ferreira was invited to answer questions from journalists. He spoke about his return to the group, last year's match and his relationship with the haka.

  • Matisse Castro Ferreira, third row for France

When you arrived at the group, Sebastien (Calvet) told us that you really wanted to start your competition. Can you talk about your state of mind before this meeting?

When I arrived, the first question was about my physical condition, and how I felt during this match. Then I had to strategize my comeback.With the physical trainers, we made sure that I was ready for this match. Apart from the physical preparation, there is a great desire to play against the Black Team. It is safe to say that I am looking forward to tomorrow afternoon.

Did you have time to celebrate the title before leaving?

No, I celebrated in moderation because I was supposed to catch a plane the next day, but it got postponed.

Was last year's match part of your preparation?

Yes, it is undeniable. We remember that we dominated the collisions and the physical impacts. We were able to score quickly thanks to this. Obviously we rely on it to show the group that if we are physically present and in our duels, we are able to respond present in the encounter.

Is the touch we saw the New Zealanders do so effectively in training, a cause for concern?

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We tried to find solutions in advance to deal with their intruders. We worked offensively and defensively as well. We even identified a large area where they often jumped. With our lifters, we will have many solutions to undermine New Zealand's defence.

How do players who played in the previous edition behave in the group?

The squad has changed a bit since last year, with a few missing. Those who played in the last World Cup are drawing on their experience. I take Hugo Rios as an example, he was very good at managing last year's meeting. He knows how to respond to pressure, in terms of what our opponents are proposing tomorrow. We try to reassure everyone about our fundamentals because it is a high-stakes match. This is our first big meeting.

The Blues won without trembling against the Spaniards. The French attackers largely controlled the closed area and Zinedine Aouad stood out logically. Fabien Brou-Boyre is already in the rhythm.https://t.co/5Q9Ca3coau

– Rugbyrama (@RugbyramaFR) June 29, 2024

Can blacks, who have not beaten blacks since 2017, feel revenge?

We know that in 1any In a quarter of an hour there will be a lot of interaction. They will want to trample us and show that this year's competition is theirs. It is up to us to remain calm in complicated times, like last year. We want to maintain consistency in our style of play and, above all, not to get caught up in the emotions and stakes of the match.

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Have you talked about the haka among yourselves? ?

We talked about it last night. Everyone has seen it, so everyone can understand what's ahead. It's important not to get caught up in the emotions once you've experienced it. It's very impressive, having experienced it face to face. For them, it's a moment. They try to impress the opponent and take the psychological step.This year it's just the first part. Last year the haka was longer. We thought they would stop, and the audience shared that feeling. We've prepared for the first part, and we'll know the second at the last minute. But we're ready for it.

How do you react to rainy weather conditions?

As the old saying goes, if the weather is complicated, we will rely on the basics to shape our game. That was the case last year, and the meeting ended in a mud bath. We succeeded in executing our strategy, and we hope that will happen again tomorrow.

How is your return to the group going?

No, there are quite a few faces already at the tournament. The group hasn't moved much. I was in contact with Sebastien (Calvet) beforehand. When I arrived, a few players came to meet me at the entrance to the hotel. We integrate quickly into the team life, whether we are new or new along the way.

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