U-20 World Cup – After an improved win over Spain, it's New Zealand time for Zarqawi

U-20 World Cup – After an improved win over Spain, it's New Zealand time for Zarqawi

Not everything was perfect for Bleuets, whose game was not yet fully established. But the five points were collected against Spain. The buildup must now continue this Thursday against the Baby Blacks.

The conversion to low when trying after an hour was surprising. “Frustration took over the game a little bitThe author of these two points, Hugo Rios, later explained. The Spanish were very tired and we were very frustrated because we could not improve our performance. “We wanted to set the pace, we wanted to keep scoring and that's why I'm trying to make the conversion.” Because, yes, these Frenchmen were far superior to these brave and attractive Spanish upstarts, who were actually happy to be there.

But Sebastien Calvet's flock did not always succeed in showing this difference in level. The intense desire to play and keep the ball alive led to many balls being dropped and a large number of turnovers being affected. Although, “The anti-rocks were not targeted, but we saw that there was space for that and we took advantage of it.”Spanish winger Julian Borgelos admitted. Words that will never truly please Hugo Reus.

If Geoffrey Malaterre, the first of the French delegation to introduce himself to the journalists, saw the glass half full, this was the opposite of the opening and the team captain, who was dissatisfied after this meeting. “Everyone wanted to play their part, as Benoit Pepe would say. We weren’t really connected, we didn’t work for each other. Maybe this good blow to the back of the head without any real consequences couldn’t hurt us. We know we’re up for it and this game shows us that we have to stay humble, because if we don’t keep working well in training, we won’t get to the end.”analyzed Rochellet.

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Not afraid of blacks

After the Spain match, the Blues will challenge an opponent of a completely different caliber: the Baby Blacks, on Thursday, at 4:30 p.m. Also in the second match of the group, Hugo Ruiz and the Blues dominated the players from Oceania (35-14). “I think they'll be vindictive.The captain continued. They are a very promising new generation who have won the Under-20 Rugby Championship. They are not used to losing so they will not want to do it for a second year in a row. We have to be prepared because they will be!

The challenge of the players wearing the Ferns jersey and experiencing the haka for the first time in their careers will be a highlight for the new players. Many have expressed their excitement and dispelled their fears. The Tricolores will have to rely on the class of Hugo Reus, the activity of Fabien Brau-Boirie and Joé Quere Karaba or the closed strength of the first line to defeat the New Zealanders away from the dominance against the Welsh, however weak they may be. , when they enter the battle.

The rest of the program? “We will come back well from what happened in this match against Spain and gain strength, because this is not what we can hope for in the pursuit of a fourth title,” he added.The captain finished. Remember last summer..

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