Two-year contract to see you

Two-year contract to see you

It’s a solid choice made by Simon-Pierre Chofak. Arriving at CA Brive at the age of 14, Left Column decided to leave his club for life to join Montpellier. After 70 matches and fifteen attempts in Brave’s colours, the 24-year-old plans to move on to the French champion who defeated Custer in the last 14 finals. With FC HĂ©rault, any contract valid until June 2024. Like New Zealander Karl Toinowkov, the former CAB player will cement his renewed first streak after the departures of players such as Malek Hamadesh, who decided to join Agen in Pro D2 or Guilhem Guirado, whose career ended at the same time With the 2021-2022 season.

San André closely followed Shufak

Simon-Pierre Choufak will also be involved in the rejuvenation of the Cists alongside players such as Louis Carbonel, LĂ©o Coly and ClĂ©ment Doumenc. “He is a player we have followed up with with Olivier Azam, especially to make up for the departure of Misha Naryashvili,” MHR Rugby Director Philippe Saint-Andre said in a press release. Simone-Pierre is a young French player with great potential and mastered yet hardworking. He will have a healthy competition for the left column position with Enzo Forletta and GrĂ©gory Fichten. His arrival is part of our project: keeping our best players and getting new players to help the group progress. So Simon-Pierre Chouvak will have to find his place in a new club, the one who has spent the past ten years at Correz and an ambitious workforce for next season.

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