Two octogenarians attack one of the most famous objects in the world with hammers

Two octogenarians attack one of the most famous objects in the world with hammers

Armed with a hammer and chisel, they tried to break the armored glass protecting the Magna Carta, without success. This punch action was aimed To warn of the climate emergency and condemn government inaction In the face of the environmental crisis the morning. The Magna Carta, a symbol of democracy and individual freedoms, was not chosen randomly by activists. This founding text dates back to 1215, It lays the foundations for the rule of law and limits the power of kings. By dealing with this historical document, the octogenarians wanted to shed light on it The contradiction between the principles defended by the Magna Carta and current realityWhich was characterized by leaders' inaction in confronting the climate crisis.

So say 400 famous scientists, contributors to the reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change We are 'woefully unprepared' For the following: A rise of 2.5 degrees Celsius or more compared to pre-industrial levelssaid Judy Bruce, 85, one of the activists.I am a Christian and I am compelled to do everything I can to alleviate the terrible suffering that is coming and already existing.Rev. Sue Parfitt, 82, added.

They attack Magna Carta to raise awareness

Climate emergency. More and more citizens, especially young people, are mobilizing to demand concrete action by governments and companies to combat climate change.

For its part, the British Library He condemned the actions of the activists “Closing announced”Treasures Gallery“Where the Magna Carta is displayed.”We are deeply saddened and outraged by the damage done to the Magna Carta today“A library spokesperson said.”The Magna Carta is a symbol of freedom and democracyIt is an assault on these values ​​that we hold dear.

Civil disobedience: Is it the only solution to get things done?

Civil disobedience is The public supposedly refused to submit to the lawA regulation or policy considered unfair by those who challenge it. This nonviolent action aims to bring about social or political change. Civil disobedience is distinguished from other forms of protest by Its general and intentional nature. Participants in civil disobedience bear the consequences of their actions, which are often legal penalties, with purpose Raise public awareness of the injustices they are fighting and force the authorities to act.

Just Stop Oil's work is truly exciting The question of the legitimacy of civil disobedience. In light of the failure of the public authorities… Some believe that illegal actions, such as those carried out by the octogenarians, may be necessary to alert Public opinion and the power of change. On the other hand, others condemn these actions, considering that they only hinder dialogue and the search for common solutions.

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