Two improved Mac Studio variants will come without burying the Mac Pro

Apple launched Mac Studio at its spring event last year, with a design quite similar to the Mac mini. The machine featured Apple’s M1 Ultra and M1 Max chips, which were far more powerful than any Mac. Thanks to the M1 Ultra chip, the machine was supposed to replace Apple’s Mac Pro Silicon.

Mac Studio wasn’t a stopgap product that could fill the void until Apple talked about Apple’s Mac Pro Silicon. Mark Gurman claims in a new report that the company is working on two new and improved models of Mac Studio, which will be launched in the near future, when many thought it would go away with the release of the Mac Pro.

Two new Mac Studio variants, but uncertain timeline

Mark Gorman said in his latest edition of “Power On” newsletter The company is working on “two new Mac Studio models” with in-house improvements that will be released in the near future. The original model featured Apple’s most powerful chip, the M1 Ultra, which is the fastest chip on a Mac.

mac studio

The company has not yet released an updated version of the Mac Studio with the M2 chip. Apple didn’t hold a spring event this year, which means the device may have missed a scheduled update. If the news carries any weight, we may see two new Mac Studio models appear in the near future.

Mark Gurman posits that Apple is working on two new Mac Studio models, but no launch details have been given. Also, the analyst has not shared any details regarding the specifications and design.

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Mac Apple Studio

Mac Apple Studio

Since Apple missed the launch this year, we may see updated models launch next year with relatively more powerful chipsets than the M1 Max and M1 Ultra. If Apple plans to release the new models before the release of the M3 chips, then the updated models It can be equipped with M2 Max and M2 Ultra chips.

On the other hand, if Apple plans to launch the devices next year, the new models could be equipped with M3 Max and M3 Ultra chipsets.

Apple’s improved Mac Studio launch predates the Mac Pro

Mac Pro M2 coming soon

Apple hasn’t fully moved on to its own custom silicon yet. According to rumors, the Mac Pro should integrate the M2 Ultra chip whose performance will be similar to that of Mac Studio. This would have the effect of cannibalizing the more expensive producers. Now, it’s unclear how Apple plans to position the two computers and what differentiators it will bring to the table.

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