Two hurricanes may hit New Zealand next week

Two hurricanes may hit New Zealand next week


According to the forecasts of meteorologists, New Zealand, which was already affected by the impact of Hurricane “Gabriel”, may be hit again by two tropical cyclones next week.

Both cyclones could form in the South Pacific next week, with the potential for heavy rains and swells in eastern parts of New Zealand, the local English daily New Zealand Herald reported, citing MetService, the country’s chief meteorologist.

However, unlike Gabriel, the chances of a major impact on the country are considered low at this point, according to the newspaper.

According to MetService, a tropical depression moving west toward the province of Vanuatu in the South Pacific Ocean this afternoon could develop into a tropical cyclone early this week.

“Two tropical cyclones are likely this week. At this point, the risk of a direct impact on New Zealand is relatively low. However, there is a lot more to do before the path becomes certain, so things may change,” according to MetService said in a post on Twitter.

New Zealand authorities said police are continuing to search for at least eight people still missing since Gabriel’s visit to the country two weeks ago.

Gabriel struck the northern region of New Zealand on February 12, and then the east coast, killing at least 11 people and displacing thousands.

Historically, the end of February and the beginning of March marks the peak of the November-April hurricane season in New Zealand.

Each season, about nine hurricanes form in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, with at least one moving within 550 kilometers of the country.

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