Two amateur divers discover the largest collection of gold coins in Europe

Two amateur divers discover the largest collection of gold coins in Europe

Luis Lens and César Gimeno discovered the treasure by chance during a cruise on the island of Portitxol in eastern Spain.

Discover – loot to make pirates jealous. Luis Lens and Cesar Jimeno, two amateur divers, discover one of the largest groups gold coins from the mainland. A discovery dating back to August 2021, in the waters of the nearby island of Portitxol Spain, as you see In the video at the top of the article.

It all starts with a shiny body that catches their eye at the bottom of the water. They get closer to a clearer view, and fall on a coin. Right next to him, they spotted a second and then a third, ending with eight gold coins. After this amazing discovery, they alerted the authorities, who handed over the wand to professional archaeologists. They will find another 45 pieces buried underground for a total of 53 pieces.

It is the largest collection of Roman gold coins in Europe. This gem is perfectly preserved. Every coin except one is named after a Roman emperor, such as Theodosius, Valentinian, or Arcadius.

famous archaeological site

Jaime Molina Vidal, Professor of History at the University of Alicante, explodes to me West of France They were probably “hidden by a wealthy local landowner, who wanted to protect some of his money”. He says on a daily basis: “It is very precious” (…). We are in the presence of a wonderful archaeological document.”

It’s not just Portitxol gold coins. Archaeologists also found three nails, possibly copper and lead. They probably belong to the Decadent Sea Trunk. Portitxol Bay is a famous archaeological site. Many other artifacts have already been discovered there. Faced with the scale of the discovery, the Valencia government has allocated a budget of 17,800 euros to inflate the research.

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