L’abonnement Twitter Blue débarque aux États-Unis et en Nouvelle-Zélande

Twitter Blue subscription arrives in the US and New Zealand

In June, the social network presented for the first time Paid subscription, which at that time was only available in Australia and Canada. he is offered now Priced at $2.99 ​​and $4.49 in New Zealand. “ We’re giving subscribers more features, more content, and more ways to join the conversation The company says.

It’s about reading ad-free news on iOS and the desktop app, with magazines like The Washington Post, LA Times, USA TODAY, The Atlantic, Reuters, The Daily Beast, Rolling Stone, BuzzFeed, Insider, and The Hollywood Report.

« This is just the beginning of ad-free articles, with more content to come as we continue to partner with more publishers in more markets. ». « A portion of the proceeds from Twitter Blue subscriptions goes directly to publishers in our network », adds the social network. This service was formerly known as Scroll (Twitter acquired it in May).

It is then a matter of the most important articles (what Nuzzle suggested) for ‘ View the most shared articles on their network in the last 24 hours », customization options and functions have already been announced in blue: bookmark folders, undo tweets, and reader mode. Finally, a subscription gives you access to Blue Labs to test new features in advance.

The timeline for opening the subscription to the rest of the world is not specified.

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