Twitch has a list of streamers that can't be blocked, data theft revealed -

Twitch has a list of streamers that can’t be blocked, data theft revealed –

Involved data theft Twitch In recent days, the platform has prepared a file streamer list Give don’t ban, This means turning a blind eye even in the case of violations. Of course, there has been no shortage of controversy over the discovery of broadcasters to whom the rules are loosely applied, even if not many are surprised to find out because it was already quite clear.

In fact, the banners on the list are not blocked from being banned, but simply not immediately banned if this happens violations. The list includes the names of top streaming software such as DJWheat, Ricegu, and Tyler1, as well as reasons why they should be protected.

Oddly enough, but not much, that one of the names on the list is Executive Director Twitch Emmett Shear, who “should not be banned for any reason,” because he is the boss.

Of course in case of flagrant violations, not even Twitch can hide its head in the sand and have to block its main sources of income as well, as happened recently with Saucepan, guilty of denouncing the favorite treats that Twitch has dedicated to certain streamers. It would be useful to paraphrase a historical joke from the Marquis del Grillo to Alberto Sordi: “Twitch, why don’t you ban them?” “Because they are and you are not a whore.”

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