Twitch and Reddit not working, the big world problems of the Internet

Twitch and Reddit not working, the big world problems of the Internet

Update: Quickly have selected Cause of the problemAccording to official communications from the service. a Modification The project has been implemented, and the various sites associated with the company’s services should gradually start operating again without problems.

as we write, Twitch and Reddit are not working. Offline video streaming service Under, which you can check by simply trying to access the site. The same goes for Reddit and other sites around the world, such as the UK government sites.

While trying to log in, you are blocked with a simple message: “Connection failedL’account di Twitch Support su Twitter Indicates that the team is aware of the problem and is investigating.

Verge address is also offline, as mentioned above Twitter. In addition, newspaper websites such as the New York Times, Financial Times, Spectator, Guardian and television networks such as Cnn Spectator are offline as well. Even Twitter, in fact, seems to have some problems (that’s why we can’t share the tweet news).

quickly mode, the popular CDN provider, appears to be to blame: A glitch appears to be to blame, according to the Financial Times’ product manager. Fastly’s page states: “We are currently investigating a potential performance impact with our CDN services”; In addition, the site also allows us to know which servers are located in different regions of Globalism They have problems. Problems are currently reported in Ashburn, Atlanta, Chicago and Los Angeles, but also in Amsterdam, Dublin, Frankfurt, London, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Singapore.

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We’ll let you know what we know.

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