Turning your home into a gym?  Now you can with Apple Fitness +

Turning your home into a gym? Now you can with Apple Fitness +

Coming out today in Italy Apple Fitness +, the first fitness service designed around the Apple Watch and fully integrated with the entire Apple ecosystem, particularly with the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

Initially, Fitness+ was only available in major English-speaking countries (Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, UK, and the US), but as of today, the service has been extended to 15 new countries (including Italy, specifically selection).

The idea behind Apple Fitness + is to bring the gym experience home, complete with personal trainer Ready to welcome and motivate every user, from novice to sports enthusiast. Essentially, Fitness+ is nothing more than a container of “video lessons” (in jargon, “workouts”) where an expert guides you step-by-step in your favorite activity.

The workouts Includes HIIT, strengthening, dance, biking, Pilates, walking and running on the treadmill, rowing machine, and Mindful Cool Down. The duration of the session is variable (the length of the period is chosen by the user) and as long as necessary, you can be accompanied by a rhythmic soundtrack that also includes the songs of the moment.

Apple Fitness +

“We created Fitness+ to provide everyone with a place to feel inspired and motivated, regardless of their fitness journey. We are excited to bring the Fitness+ experience to 15 new countries starting next week, so more people can take advantage of this comprehensive and welcoming service and meet our amazing team of coaches “, has announced Jay BlahnikApple’s Vice President of Fitness Technologies. The app is likely to develop further in the coming months, perhaps with the dubbing of several instructors who speak only English at the moment (there are, of course, subtitles in Italian and six other languages).

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As for pricing, Fitness+ is available as Subscription service At a cost of 9.99€/month or 79.99€/year. Customers who purchase an Apple Watch Series 3 or later get three months free, and existing owners get one month of Fitness+.

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