Turkey withdraws its forces from Afghanistan and gives up security for Kabul airport

Turkey withdraws its forces from Afghanistan and gives up security for Kabul airport

He added, “Elements of the Turkish armed forces are on a mission at Hamid Karzai Airport Afghanistan Their evacuation began. “The Turkish armed forces are returning to our homeland,” the Defense Ministry said in a statement.

Nearly 500 Turkish non-combat troops were in Afghanistan as part of an Israeli mission.Otan.

Before announcing the withdrawal of its forces, he Turkey have negotiated with
Washington and the
Taliban to continue to ensure the security of Kabul airport after the withdrawal of US forces, which is expected to take place on Tuesday.

But the Taliban’s capture of Kabul on August 15, after a 10-day offensive that saw Afghan forces collapse and caused President Ashraf Ghani to flee abroad, upset Turkey’s plans, depriving him of the possibility of taking a role through it. She hoped it would have positive repercussions on her – troubled – relations with the United States.

The White House said that despite the particularly chaotic situation, 88,000 people, Afghans and foreigners, had been evacuated since the airlift was established on August 14, on the eve of the Taliban’s entry into Kabul.

Erdogan wants to continue to play a role in Afghanistan

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in a speech delivered in conjunction with the announcement of the withdrawal of troops from Ankara, expressed his desire to continue playing a role in Afghanistan. “Turkey will continue its close dialogue with all parties in Afghanistan,” he said.

“Turkey, which already hosts five million refugees, cannot bear an additional migration burden,” Erdogan said on Saturday.

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According to the Turkish Defense Ministry, Ankara has evacuated 1,129 people from Afghanistan, a number different from the 1,404 people previously mentioned by the Turkish Foreign Minister.

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