Tunisie – Le mensonge du refus du tunisien de se faire vacciner est tombé… Que vont-ils pouvoir inventer d’autre ?

Tunisia – The lie of Tunisians refusing to vaccinate has fallen. What will they be able to invent?

Some silver lining! The circus, which was provoked by the strange decision of the former Minister of Health now, to launch the vaccination process for all arrivals without specifying a prior date, will have serious consequences for the epidemics and the number of infected people in all regions. , he was credited with unambiguously unveiling the blatant lie of Fawzi al-Mahdi and his deputies, when they accused Tunisians of hesitating about vaccination, and trying to explain their failure to advance this campaign.

Far from suspecting that he was digging his own grave, the ex-minister made a declaration that would be fatal for him and would expose a side of his lies.

The crowds that had already gathered since the first dawn of the day of Eid, came to deny their allegations, and their accusations of the citizen who would hesitate to vaccinate. The enthusiasm observed today in front of the vaccination centers has exposed this lie.

In fact, having failed to be one of the first countries to order vaccines, as Tunisia has always been, major health experts have long hesitated to launch a real awareness campaign, and have disappeared behind a digital app, the famous “Evax.tn” app that was Manipulate it as desired, to reduce the number of patients to be vaccinated.

But why weren’t there enough vaccines today? We have not stopped announcing the arrival of hundreds of thousands of doses from friendly countries. Well, quite simply, because the minister, which minister he is, is confused in his calculations, and has mixed up the doses, really, which have been delivered, and those announced by friendly nations, which have not yet arrived.

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In addition, it seems that the former minister tried, in fact, to justify the expiration of a certain number of doses of Chinese and British vaccines that previously could have been rejected by citizens. Which is why he made the announcement yesterday, insisting on the fact that we were going to dispense, during these open days, for these two types of vaccines. And again, the Tunisians surprised him and appeared in great numbers, once again denying his allegations.

Now that the first lie about Tunisians’ reluctance to vaccinate, and the second lie about their refusal to some types of vaccinations, has fallen, what should these ladies and gentlemen find in the Ministry of Education. Health, to explain their failure of the vaccination campaign, accusing as usual Tunisian?

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