Tulum, Mexico: Policemen break a woman’s neck – four arrests

Tulum, Mexico: Policemen break a woman’s neck – four arrests

The case of a woman who died in a police operation in Mexico caused an uproar over the weekend. Now it seems clear: She had a broken neck when the police pinned her to the ground.

The four officers involved had used disproportionate force when they were arrested in Tulum and arrested on suspicion of killing – meaning killing a woman because of her gender, he said. Attorney general Quintana Roo state on Monday. The officers are three men and one woman. According to the autopsy, a fracture of two cervical vertebrae caused the death of a Salvadoran woman. At first it was not clear why she was arrested. Tulum Police Chief has been fired.

On the weekend, videos of Saturday’s incident were distributed in the media and social networks, including the Mexican newspaper “Globalism”. The photo shows the woman lying on her stomach in the street next to a patrol car, with her hands covered in bandages. Meanwhile, a policewoman was kneeling on her back. You can hear the woman screaming. Later, the police now put her body motionless on the back of a pickup truck. According to Mexican media reports, the victim was 36 years old and living as a refugee in Mexico.

On Monday, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said of the woman: “She was brutally treated and killed.” His Salvadoran colleague Neb Bukele, Student Heavy punishment for officials.

The case also caused an uproar because of its resemblance to the death of George Floyd last May during a police operation in the United States. Videos of the time showed white cop Derek Chauvin kneeling on the neck of African American Floyd for nearly nine minutes. Chauvin murder trial It started in Minneapolis on Monday.

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