Tuesday Scientific Conference: Cellular Electricity and Cancers, New Therapeutic Strategies?

Tuesday Scientific Conference: Cellular Electricity and Cancers, New Therapeutic Strategies?

Free conference in Tours
Organized by • Science Center, University Tours, and Museum Tours.

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A cell is the smallest living entity in the body. It is determined by a membrane that plays the role of interface and filter to control the exchange of molecules between inside and outside the cell. The cell membrane also controls the passage of small charged particles, that is, ions, which generate electrical phenomena. These electrical phenomena play a crucial role in the nervous, cardiac and muscular activities or in the secretion of hormones.

During the cancer process, cells accumulate many genetic mutations that lead to a loss of biological function. Cancer cells also have specific electrical properties that give them criteria for aggressiveness. These discoveries open new avenues for developing new therapeutic approaches.

Conference by Sebastian Roger, Director of the EA4245 Laboratory for Transplantation, Immunology, and Inflammation (T2I) at the University of Tours. The laboratory is interested in understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in ischemic lesions or hypoxia in different pathophysiological contexts (organ transplantation, myocardial infarction, carcinoma).

This general conference is linked to the call for research projects of regional importance “Canal Ex” funded by the Centre-Val de Loire.

Reception conditions (health card, etc.) will depend on government guidelines in effect at the time of the event.


>> Image credit: Cancer cells – actin in green and nuclei in blue – by Sebastian Roger, University of Tours

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Leopold Senghor meeting room, 1 bis rue de la Préfecture, 37000 round

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Tuesday 16 November 2021

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6:30 p.m.

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02 38 77 11 06

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