Try Dragonflight for free until January 2, 2023 – World of Warcraft

As Blizzard points out in a just published article, the extension Dragon Flight It’s free to try until January 2, 2023 for players who already have time to play. If you haven’t yet made your way to Dragon Isles or played Evocative Dracthyr, take advantage of the next two weeks to do so!

For a limited time*, starting today, play as Dractyr Evoker simply with a subscription or playtime, with no Dragonflight purchase required. Discover The Forbidden Reaches, the starting area for this new class and race combination, and level up to level 63 through Chapter 1 of Dragonflight’s Awakening Shores campaign. During this trial period, you will have access to all quests and will be able to learn Dragon Ride, improve your craft and explore two new dungeons: Ruby Essence Baths and Nokhud Offensive.

To learn more about Dragonflight and get the latest news, visit the official World of Warcraft website and official blog.

*Dragonflight Expansion Demo only with subscription or game time available until January 2, 2023. Purchase of Dragonflight is required to continue accessing Dracthyrs and Dragonflight content after this date.

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