Trust Playground Games, Says Phil Spencer -

Trust Playground Games, Says Phil Spencer –

myth It didn’t appear at Microsoft’s E3 2021, as was easily expected, but it’s still one of the most anticipated games for من Xbox Series X | s, so we’d like to get news about her: for now, all that Phil SpencerXbox boss, he has to say about it Confidence in playground games And making sure they do a great job in the game.

Special guest on the podcast Drop Frames, which also featured pointers about Killer Instinct, Phil Spencer only briefly mentioned the new Fable, and apparently wasn’t able to say anything about the game and workflow Generally. Quite simply, limit yourself to unconditional trust in Playground Games, the British team responsible for the Forza Horizon series.

So Spencer’s advice is simply that “so I trust” In Playground Games, also thanks to “team pedigree,” according to Microsoft’s head of Xbox division. But that’s all we can know for now, also because in the meantime the team has just introduced Forza Horizon 5, so the connection will focus on the latter in the coming period.

Based on what we’ve seen in the racing series, we can be sure that the team is technically highly qualified, but there’s a lot of curiosity to see how a dedicated team in racing games is developing Action RPGMoreover, in a fairy-tale style and special like Fable.

Anyway, Playground Games has been working on the new game for a long time and it is working Expanded its staff From all lineage, even moving to new offices, precisely to obtain all the resources necessary to carry out a project as big as Fable at the same time with Forza Horizon 5 and the possible future development of the series.

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