Trump's potential running mate wants to execute Biden's dog

Trump's potential running mate wants to execute Biden's dog

Kristi Noem, seen as a potential running mate for Donald Trump in November's presidential election, is once again at the center of an animal-related controversy. On Sunday, the Republican governor called for the killing of Joe Biden's dog, which is accused of repeatedly biting her, a few days after she revealed that she had killed her own small dog.

She, who was elected from the state of South Dakota, in the northern United States, estimated that Commander, the German shepherd of Biden's husbands, would face a fate similar to the fate reserved for her dog, because she bit a number of agents of the President's Protection Service.

White House criticizes “ridiculous” comments.

“We find his comments yesterday troubling, and we find them ridiculous,” a White House spokesman said Monday during the daily press briefing. Karine Jean-Pierre added: “It is a country that loves dogs, and here there is a leader who talks about killing dogs.” She also commented that Kristi Noem “should probably stop drowning in herself.”

In his upcoming memoirs, which were obtained by the British newspaper WatchmanThe 52-year-old Republican governor wrote that she shot and killed her dog, Cricket, about 14 months old, because he was “untameable.”

Our file on the US presidential elections

On Sunday, in an interview with CBS News, she said that if she wins alongside Donald Trump in the presidential election in November, she will ensure the leader “joins cricket.” “How many people have to be attacked and seriously injured before you decide on a dog?” she asked.

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Last October, the Bidens were forced to subject their two-year-old German Shepherd to green training due to his tendency to bite. Major, one of the Biden family's German shepherds, was also unexpectedly bitten upon his arrival at the White House. It was entrusted to friends who lived “in a quieter environment.”

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