Trump won by 4 points over Biden, according to an opinion poll

Trump won by 4 points over Biden, according to an opinion poll

It seems that the former Republican president and real estate tycoon is the most likely to win over the current head of state, in the event of a duel between the candidates for the 2024 US presidential elections.

Back to the White House? Real estate tycoon Donald Trump, who held the presidency of the United States between 2016 and 2020, achieved victory by 4 points over the current head of state, Joe Biden, in a new opinion poll. CNNA year before the US presidential elections.

49% of intentions to vote for Trump

The study gives Donald Trump first place, with 49% of voting intentions, compared to 45% of votes for Joe Biden. The current tenant of the White House, who will soon celebrate his 81st birthday, does not appear to be the most likely candidate for re-election.

In detail, voting intentions appear highly polarized. More than half of voters (51%) believe that they will not cast their votes for the Democratic president under any circumstances, while only 4% say that they do not support him, but are considering the possibility of changing their minds.

Conversely, nearly half of respondents (48%) say they would never vote for the former Republican president, and no more than 2% say it’s possible they would end up voting for him.

Biden down

This trend is not in favor of Joe Biden, who is facing difficulties with many voters. Among those under 35, former Vice President Barack Obama trails Donald Trump (48% vs. 47%) in voting intentions, and is the same among independent voters (45% vs. 41%).

Even more troubling is that only a quarter of Americans believe Joe Biden shows the stamina and edge needed to be a good president, while more than half (53%) of Americans believe the real estate mogul has these qualities, despite the legal action for fraud. Against him.

Even among Democrats, the current head of state does not enjoy excessive charisma. Only 51% of voters believe he has the stamina for a second term.

The only good news is that Joe Biden remains widely favored among African Americans (73% vs. 23% for Trump) and slightly favored among Latinos (50% vs. 46% for Republicans).

Low favorable opinion rating for Biden

More generally, Joe Biden gets no more than 39% positive opinions and 61% negative opinions. That’s a particularly low bar for a president running for re-election, just one year before the election.

By comparison, only Jimmy Carter, the Democratic president from 1977 to 1981, had a lower favorable opinion rate (32%) than Joe Biden at the same time. A bad omen for the 80s? It is possible that Jimmy Carter will not be re-elected in the next election.

As a previous New York Times poll published on Sunday showed, Donald Trump leads Joe Biden in five key US states, if the two politicians face each other again at the polls in November 2024, when a new edition of the presidential election will be held. 2020 elections.

To do so, the billionaire must still run in the Republican primary, which will pit him against five candidates from his camp. Joe Biden, the current president, is strongly expected to represent the Democrats in the presidential elections.

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