Trump is ready to debate Biden “anywhere, anytime”

Trump is ready to debate Biden “anywhere, anytime”

Former US President Donald Trump.
Marco Bello/Reuters

The two men, barring any major upsets, should face each other in November's presidential election, a rematch of the 2020 election.

Donald Trump, the Republican candidate for the US elections, said on Wednesday that he is ready to debate his Democratic rival, President Joe Biden. “Anywhere and at any time”. “It is important for the sake of our country that Joe Biden and I discuss issues that are important to the United States and the American people.”The former president said on his Truth Social Network. “That is why I call for debates to be held anywhere, at any time.”He confirmed.

After their landslide victories in their parties' primaries, the two men should, barring any major upsets, face each other in November's presidential election – a rematch from the 2020 election. But according to exit polls, this is a duel between two parties: the president The 77-year-old former and 81-year-old current president hardly interests voters. To win, in a deeply polarized country, Joe Biden, like Donald Trump, will have to mobilize his base and appeal to as many independent voters as possible in a few undecided states. President Biden, who is struggling in the polls, will try to convince millions of Americans of his vision for the country during a major policy speech Thursday before Congress. The speech promised by Donald Trump “to correct” direct.

Joe Biden and Donald Trump faced off against each other during a series of debates in the fall of 2020. The Democrat, former vice president to Barack Obama, won the presidential election. But Donald Trump never admitted defeat, accusing, without evidence, the Democrats of defeat “stolen” The election.

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