Trump accused four times and compared the Biden administration to the “Gestapo”

Trump accused four times and compared the Biden administration to the “Gestapo”

In a recording obtained by American media, the billionaire once again attacked his Democratic rival, describing him as “the worst president in the history” of the United States and accusing him of exploiting justice.

His indictment does not pass. Former Republican President Donald Trump intensified his accusations of abuse of justice by the administration of his Democratic successor Joe Biden by comparing it to the Gestapo, the political police of Nazi Germany.

“These people are running a Gestapo-like administration,” Donald Trump said during a meeting with party leaders at his home in Mar-a-Lago, Florida. The New York Times And nbcby the campaign donor.

Joe Biden “the worst president in American history”

“This is the only thing they have. This is the only way for them to win,” added the billionaire, who is the target of four separate criminal cases, including one in which he has been represented since April 15 in New York. Donald Trump has repeatedly condemned the “witch hunt” orchestrated by the Democratic administration to eliminate him from the presidential race.

Donald Trump, who described Joe Biden as “the worst president in the history” of the United States, added: “As soon as I was impeached, I definitely said: 'Now we have to take the gloves off.'” “He's clearly incompetent. He's very crooked,” he said.

“Oh my God, I just got accused.”

Before an audience of Republican executives and donors, he insisted that his legal problems did not worry him, while again discrediting the prosecutors investigating the cases against him. “If you worry too much, you tend to suffocate. And in a way, I don't care. It's just life, you know,” he said.

However, the former president admitted to his surprise when he was notified of the indictment: “As soon as I was indicted, I was like, 'Oh my God, I've just been indicted. Me. I've been indicted.'”

Meanwhile, on Sunday, May 5, Joe Biden's campaign responded in a press release, stressing that the Republican candidate's speeches only confirmed that “the Trump campaign is only about him, his anger, his revenge, and his lies.”

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