Trucks roam Parliament to protest health measures

Trucks roam Parliament to protest health measures

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has said she has no intention of engaging with the protesters. According to her, the majority of New Zealanders support vaccination against Covid-19.

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This movement is inspired by the movement that is crippling the Canadian capital. In New Zealand, a convoy of trucks and campers closed streets around Parliament in Wellington on Tuesday 8 February to protest against health measures and vaccination. Hundreds of vehicles with messages like “Give us our freedom back” And the ‘Coercion is not consent’, parked in the streets near Parliament. Others traveled through downtown sounding their horns. The protest remained peaceful, and the police did not report any arrests or major incidents.

More than a thousand people listened to sermons. Many Wellington protesters carried Canadian flags, in reference to the protest movement that began in Ottawa. Hundreds of trucks were doing “seat” In the Canadian capital, prompting the mayor of Ottawa to seek help from the federal authorities to put an end to it. Wellington’s caravan organizers have not indicated how long they intend to stay in the city.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has said she does not intend to speak with those involved in the operation, stressing that the majority of New Zealanders have shown their support for the government’s vaccination programme.

“96% of New Zealanders are vaccinated, which allows us to live with fewer restrictions today thanks to the extra protection it provides.”

Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister

on Radio New Zealand

Vaccination against Covid-19 is mandatory for people who work in certain sectors such as health, police, education and defense. The Health Passage System has come into effect, which requires people to prove they are vaccinated to enter restaurants, participate in sporting events or religious services. It is not mandatory for public transport, supermarkets, schools or access to health services.

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