Tropical Storm Grace's epicenter farther south than expected

Tropical Storm Grace’s epicenter farther south than expected

While the first predictions were for a corridor from central Grace between Guadeloupe and Antigua, they now expect a path a little further south. Change due to disorganization of the phenomenon.

Tropical Storm Grace’s center is now estimated to be one hundred kilometers east-southeast of Marie Galante, while meteorologists have until then estimated a corridor between Guadeloupe and Antigua. It must be said that the phenomenon is progressing at a high rate and still has difficulty in regulating, such as Fred who crossed the region at the beginning of the week and who has now vanished in the Gulf of Mexico. In the case of Grace, the force wind field should be of interest to Guadeloupe, but it may be necessary to expect a downgrade during the evening to a tropical depression or a strong tropical wave.

At the moment, its characteristics remain unchanged, it is a combined storm with decreasing winds estimated at 65 km / h and a pressure of 1007 hPa. Guadeloupe remains on orange alert due to heavy rain and thunderstorms. Indeed, strong storm streaks are approaching the Grande Terre. It may be accompanied by large gusts of wind.

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