Tritium DCFC Limited and Fast Charge partner to accelerate the introduction of the EV charger in New Zealand

Tritium DCFC Limited and Fast Charge partner to accelerate the introduction of the EV charger in New Zealand

Tritium DCFC Limited has announced a strategic partnership with Jump Charging to expand access to New Zealand’s fast charging infrastructure. The New Zealand government intends to expand its initial vision of national coverage of DC fast chargers every 75 kilometers along state highways. As part of this investment, the government is prioritizing public charging centers with large capacity to meet the rapid growth in the number of electric vehicles and their drivers, as well as the growing demand for them.

Jump Charging, Tritium’s new distributor and service partner in New Zealand, is committed to expanding access to general charging in the country to accelerate the decarbonisation of the transportation sector. The company is expanding its network with Tritium fast chargers at the core of its business, and plans to establish 20 fast charge centers in key locations, followed by rapid deployment to other locations across the country. Focused on developing a reliable and dedicated charging network comprised of strategically located infrastructure, Jump Charging’s motto of “Fast, Accessible and Visible” exemplifies its commitment to ensuring that all drivers have adequate access to charging electric vehicles.

The company offers flexible purchase, lease and partnership models to its customers, and manages and maintains all locations in the Jump Charging network to ensure a reliable and consistent level of service for all electric vehicles. The first of these is an electric vehicle charging center located in the new Agritech business park in Rakaia, Canterbury. The first phase of this project will include two 150kW Tritium modular fast chargers, each capable of simultaneously charging vehicles to service both passenger cars and fleets on site.

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In addition to expanding its network, Jump Charging creates innovative solutions to solve charging ordering issues. The company has created a portable, slide-mount solution for mounting charging stations, designed for use with the award-winning modular 75 kW Tritium rapid charger, enabling rapid deployment at service locations experiencing increased demand for EV charging due to seasonality, specialty events, construction projects or emergencies . For added flexibility, the design allows connection to a standard 400V system or an 11kV high voltage source by including an onboard transformer.

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