Trina Solar powers New Zealand's largest solar power plant with an integrated tracking module solution

Trina Solar powers New Zealand's largest solar power plant with an integrated tracking module solution

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Kaitaia, New Zealand, April 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Trina Solar, a leader in smart PV and energy storage solutions, announced the completion of the Coher? In collaboration with Lodestone Energy, New Zealand's largest solar power plant to date. This is Trina's first solar project in the Oceania region to integrate both Trina solar modules and Trina Tracker smart tracking systems (a business unit of Trina Solar).

The Caecchia solar power plant covers an area of ​​64 hectares and includes 61,000 550W Trina Solar Vertex double-sided panels on TrinaTracker Vanguard2P smart monitoring systems, with a capacity of 33 MW DC. This plant represents a major step towards meeting New Zealand's renewable energy targets, which is expected to produce approximately 55 GWh per year, providing energy to more than 7,770 households.

The combination of ultra-powerful TrinaSolar bifacial modules with Vanguard2P solar trackers, supported by an intelligent algorithm that optimizes the tracking angle, ensures maximum power output. In addition, sufficient space between rows of panels and a tracking height of 2 meters facilitates agricultural cultivation, allowing solar energy production alongside agricultural activities. This is essential in markets like New Zealand, where agricultural industries are large and soil resources are increasingly scarce.

This mega project highlights Trina Solar's commitment to providing comprehensive smart energy solutions. Installers benefit from a single source of supply, streamlined operations, faster delivery, smoother negotiations, and consolidated after-sales service. This helps reduce costs and ensure efficiency, especially in difficult site conditions.

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Below is a statement from EdisonZhou, President of Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands: Our partnership is characterized by close collaboration from the technical design stage through to commissioning, which has enabled us to overcome challenges such as crushed soil on site. The low number of 2P Solar Tracker foundations and our partnership with LodestoneEnergy when designing the foundations allowed us to overcome this obstacle together. We look forward to future collaborations, and are committed to driving technological excellence – including modules, trackers and energy storage systems – to advance New Zealand's carbon neutral future.

Our third solar farm at Waiotahe is currently under construction, using Trina's latest solar panels and trackers for optimal production,” said Gary Holden, Managing Director of Lodestone Energy. Our collaboration with TrinaSolar allows us to achieve our goal of providing renewable energy solutions to more New Zealand consumers, achieving their sustainability goals while ensuring economic stability.

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