Trigastel.  New spaces for aquarium

Trigastel. New spaces for aquarium

Agathe Candela, Director of Aquarium Marin de Trégastel, has announced the imminent opening of the new visit route. © Le Tregor

In theMarine Aquarium in Trégastel, Between mid-April and early May, a new educational space available to the public will open its doors.

This project is made possible by Lannion Trégor Communauté’s 2017 acquisition of Bardy’s House (renamed Ti An Aod, “the home of the coast”) located in the heart of the aquarium.

Quarantine area

The ground floor of the house will now host the aquarium’s futuristic quarantine area, designated for Taking care of and acclimating to new animals before reaching the swimming pools.

This art space will not be accessible to the public, but visitors will nevertheless be able to see the coaches in action through the window.

New interactive course

On the ground floor of the house there is a permanent exhibition, Flowing sleeveswill offer the audience a unique dive into the heart of the marine world of the canal and its secrets.

The exhibition is a continuation of what we do at the aquarium. The goal is to place marine animals in their natural habitat in the context of a program of very beautiful discoveries. The new extension located outside the home will provide interactive activities to engage with the family, projections and temporary exhibitions.

Agathe Candela, Director of the Aquarium

For her, extending the itinerary of a visit is a great opportunity for an aquarium:

“1 hour and 15 minutes of visiting instead of 45 minutes today. The new visiting itinerary will allow to prolong the pleasure of discovery, especially since picnic tables are available to the public.”

collaborative project

Many locals and professionals have been involved in creating this new tour route:

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“Fantastic support such as geologist Odile Guérin, Pascal Provost from the Sept-les Reserve, CEVA for his work on algae and the participation of Michel Hignette, former Director of the Tropical Aquarium at the Palais de la Porte Dorée in Paris, who has been a real inspiration for the creation of the content and his contribution to scientific sources . »

Agatha Candela

Works and budget

The total cost of the work, including the purchase of the 92m² Bardy’s home which is currently benefiting from the 44m² expansion works, is €906,912 excluding VAT. The project is co-financed by the LTC in the amount of €536,408 excluding VAT.

Architect and scenographer

The expansion project was designed by the architect Matthew Duane from Original Architecteat La Roche-Jaudy and the educational content I created and organized Scenographer Pierre Combs.

Trégastel Marine Aquarium – 37 Bd du Coz-Pors, 22730 Trégastel – contact: tel. 02 96 23 48 58 [email protected]

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