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Next weekend, two postponed races due to coronavirus will be rescheduled in Australia and New Zealand. With small but good career fields.

The Ironman and Ironman 70.3 will kick off in New Zealand, which is scheduled to take place on March 27th. While the middle distance will be a pure age group race, the long distance will meet some interesting names from the local career scene, and some of them have already fought several good fights this year.

The duel between Braden Corey and Kyle Smith awaits with impatience. The two have met three times this season at the middle distance, and Kyle Smith has appeared three times as the winner. Partially just a few seconds away from Corey, who now wants to turn the tables over long distances. Because while the 34-year-old feels especially comfortable here, it’s Kyle Smith’s premiere at a full 226 kilometers.

The fact that the race had to be postponed due to the aura until he played in the Corrie cards, he announced in advance: “I had some races during the summer and the Wanaka Challenge was relatively close to the original date of Iron Man New Zealand. The postponement gave me more time to regenerate and a few units. Additional key. “

Other interesting names on the all-New Zealand men’s starting list include Mike Phillips, who won the 2019 race and, like Corey, already qualified for the Hawaiian Ironman Championship, as well as 48-year-old veteran Cameron Brown, who has already won an incredible 12 Ironman New Zealand The calculation will start here for the 22nd time. The field is completed by Ben Phillips, Simon Cochrane, Jack Moody and Lucas Doros.

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The women’s field is smaller than the men’s field, but here too there is an interesting rookie at long distance at Hannah Wells, who has already been impressed with his solid middle-distance performance this season. She faces Rebecca Clark, Melanie Burke, and Emily McNaughton in the Battle of Victory.

Strong career areas at Ironman 70.3 Geelong

The formerly postponed Ironman 70.3 Geelong Championship will take place in the Australian state of Victoria on March 28. The nearby Melbourne location will see an average distance, as, with the exception of one in New Zealand, two professional men and two women, due to Corona, will be employed by Australian professionals only.

For men, there are a total of 24 start menu specialists. Including famous athletes such as Josh Amberger, Tim Reed, Tim Van Berkel, Stephen McKenna and Max Newman. As Australian champion Simon Hearn is in the beginning. Like the third-place winner in the championship race, Caleb Noble.

For the women, there will be a remake of the duel that took place recently in the Australian Championship, with Ellie Salthouse defeating New Zealand’s Amelia Watkinson. Another New Zealander is Laura Armstrong, along with Grace Thicke, Stephanie Demishtas, Chloe Lynn, Penny Slater, and Keira Seidel.

There should be a live ticker for both races on the organizer’s website and the Ironman Oceania app.

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