Triathlon: Marten Van Riel épatant troisième à Leeds !

Triathlon: Martin Van Riel’s stunning third in Leeds!

If Leeds is a Tokyo vow, the Olympic event promises to be more uncertain than ever! In the absence of France’s two-time world champion Vincent Lewis, his main rivals fought a massive battle on Sunday, under bright sun and in front of a large crowd.

At the end of the 1.5 km swim, 40 km bike and 10 km walk race, it was Briton Alex Yee who won in 1h43’27, infuriating all his opponents with his light and efficient step.

At this international concert, American Morgan Pearson presented himself with a new podium, second (0’26), with his unusual racing style. But the excellent news of the day, in the Belgian clan, came from a fully recovered Martin van Riel, who finished third (at 0’37), ahead of Spaniard Allarza and New Zealand’s Wilde, who finished second long, but cracked at the end.

It was Australian Aaron Royal who came out of the water in first place, ahead of Briton Alistair Brownlee (he was finally disqualified for his unsportsmanlike behavior while swimming as he tried to drown his neighbor!) and … Martin Van Riel and then Jill Jean finished 45. He was part Cycling is particularly lively, particularly by Van Riel who has twice attacked. without success.

“I really enjoy this kind of demanding course because it is mountainous and technical. So, I gave it to my heart! I tried to attack, but it was impossible to resist on my own. I got up. In the end, I think everyone suffered. I am happy with this third.”

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Marten put the bike in eighth, and set off in the best way to handle the 10km walk. From the start, Ye and Wilde isolated themselves, at times staring at each other. In the back, a small group, with Van Riel, Persson, Alarza, Spaniard Antonio Serrat and Norwegian Christian Blumenfelt, tried to organize.

Ye and Wilde joined for a moment. The first company that stood to the end to deliver a prestigious victory in front of the occupied British public. second no.

A failure unknown to Martin van Riel, who can now be considered one of the contenders on the Olympic podium. As for Jill Gaines, he gave up cycling halfway. For Limburger, Leeds was not Yokohama. But the games will be held in Tokyo…

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