Traveling between time and space: the new Indian expression

Traveling between time and space: the new Indian expression

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The foundations of the Indian space program were laid in the late 1960s, and in just over 50 years India has become a name to reckon with in the world of space technology. This feat, of course, inspired many young scientists across the country, but who would have thought it would also inspire a watch company?

But that is exactly what the new Bangalore Watch Company (BWC) collection is all about. In honor of India’s five decades of space exploration efforts, the company has launched Apogee, a collection of limited-edition automatic watches. In fact, if you are looking for a watch with a story to tell, now is the time to tell it.

As Nirobesh Joshi, Founder of BWC explains, “We may be the first Indian brand to enter a space-centric chain. This is because we are deeply fascinated by the Indian space program since our childhood. Its achievements in development and implementation. Space science and technology are worthy of praise and applause. So naturally, the idea of Launching space-inspired watches are always with us.”

Cependant, ce n’était pas facile et l’entreprise to claim l’aide des meilleurs au monde, les Suisses. “We worked closely with manufacturers in Switzerland for sorting and cutting, and then they took them to India for printing and final assembly. Due to the scarcity of materials and challenges to manufacturing, we were only able to make small batches the fois method.” Joshi said.

Apogee is the farthest point in a satellite’s orbit, and with this set of clocks, BWC has taken it to its furthest point through design, materials, and construction. There are four watches in this set: Deepspace, Horizon, Supernova and Alien.

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Alors que les aspects techniques, tels que le boîtier en titane, le mouvement automatique suisse, les verres saphir avec boîtiers en titane grade 2, l’art du fond des quatre montres reste le même, ils se distinguent de mani coère unique the ball .

Deepspace has a gray disc and is inspired by dark and deep space. Horizon, with its blue dial, is inspired by low Earth orbit landscapes. Alien is inspired by meteorites and Supernova green harbor is inspired by supernova explosions seen in space.

The balls have a smoky effect, with deep colors that evoke and support the spatial theme. Just above the date window at 6 o’clock is a position on the latitude. This is Sriharikota, a barrier island off the east coast of India, the current ISRO site for all satellite launchers.

These Muonionalusta meteor disks feature unique patterns formed by millions of years of slow cooling in space. Since this drawing cannot be reproduced on Earth, no clock in the collection is alike.

So, was it difficult to find the material for this group? Meteorites are rocks in space, most of which burn up when they enter Earth’s atmosphere, but some do. Muonionalusta meteorites, which were discovered in Sweden, can be obtained through special entities. Our team worked with a group of meteorite hunters in the USA who helped us identify, obtain, classify and select rocks. We found meteorites to suit our needs and sent to Switzerland for work related to leveling and cutting. Joshi says.

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It’s a commendable group, of course, but what makes it even more commendable is the fact that BWC is a fairly recent company. It was founded in 2018 by Bengaluru Nairobish Joshi couple and Mercy Amalraj, who quit successful technology consulting jobs overseas to create world-class, affordable luxury wristwatches in India. The best part is that each collection tells stories inspired by India in the 21st century.

(Rates start at Rs 68,000, watches are available for purchase from the Bangalore Watch Company website and can be shipped worldwide)

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