Travel to feel your best, trends of 2022

Image from Askanews

Image from Askanews

Rome, 9 November. (askanews) – Travel predictions on reveal that in 2022 we will be back to travel in style. The benefits that travel brings to people’s health and well-being is once again being recognized, especially after more than a year of restrictions, and going on vacation will be the way to take care of yourself in 2022. But it’s not just about getting in the sun or booking a much-needed yoga spot. For nearly half (47%) of global travelers, and for 60% of Italians, it’s a matter of breaking away from the daily routine to feel rejuvenated. One memo says that 41% of travelers around the world say that doing an activity unreachable in daily life helps them break away from routine.

With this in mind, shares a list of activities that can make us feel fit, and a list of the most recommended destinations** for these activities, to inspire travelers to get away from it all and try something different. While on vacation in 2022.

Trekking and hiking: Breathing in the fresh air at a new destination as you explore the landscape is a great way to recharge. Whether you prefer hiking in the Str Valley?? yska or take a trek in the Tatra National Park, Zakopane, Poland is ideal for those looking to unwind by taking a hiking trip next year.

Two-wheeled Trails for Those Who Love MBT: With over 360 trails to explore, it’s no wonder Riva del Garda, in beautiful Italy, is so prized by mountain biking travelers. Those who find the adrenaline-fueled biking an excellent way to stop off will appreciate the stunning views of Lake Garda and the Trentino Mountains.

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Perfect for those who love photography: Creative travelers who want to capture their vacation photos through a lens to feel Zen will appreciate Paris, the vibrant capital of France. If more than anything you want to immortalize Monmatre, a true photography inspiration, try to find the perfect photo angle thanks to a self-guided tour of the area.

Indulging in the Outdoors: An adrenaline rush may be just what you need to feel refreshed, and enjoying the great outdoors and activities on offer in Queenstown, New Zealand is an opportunity not to be missed. Perched on the shores of Lake Wakatipu, this adrenaline-pumping city is known for its adventure sports that will truly get you out of your comfort zone.

Relaxing Snorkeling: Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt is the perfect place to snorkel in the relaxing underwater world of coral reefs, home to large populations of tropical fish, turtles and stingrays. Why not explore the depths of Ras Mohammed National Park on a snorkeling tour?

Best for a Boat: Sometimes all you need is a little sea: 82% of travelers agree that seeing a body of water of any kind instantly improves their mood. The city of Paraty, located on the Costa Verde, Brazil, is famous for its boat trips: here you can visit the beautiful coves and beaches of Praia da Lula and Praia de Santa Rita.

Downhill: Go down the slopes at full speed and leave all thoughts of everyday life behind in Zermatt, Switzerland, a well-known site located under the famous Matterhorn summit. Much appreciated for its alpine skiing, stunning views, and why not, feeling the fresh wind in your hair, this destination will instantly recharge your batteries.

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Surfing: There’s no need to rely on sound recorded with crashing waves to relax in Kuta, Indonesia. With 2 kilometers of beach and surfing waves, it’s the perfect choice for those who find their weight while kayaking or surfing. As one of the few endless spots in Bali, Kuta is the perfect place for both beginners and skiers alike.

Watching wildlife: Not everyone is looking for an adrenaline rush. The need for calm and connection with nature makes bird watching a very meditative activity and an ideal way to relax when you are away from home. Udawalawe National Park in Sri Lanka has been chosen to be the home of more than 150 species of birds and will transport you to another world thanks to the singing of the birds that surround you.

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