Trailer release date -

Trailer release date –

Announce it atleast 13 guards Aegis Rim It will be released next year on the Nintendo Switch as well. The official release date is April 12, 2022 for the West. The PS4 version of this game is currently available. The development team has also released an official trailer that you can see above.

The tractor The 13 Sentinels Aegis Rim allows us to see the graphic style typical of vanilla, in great detail. Immediately afterwards, awards are presented to the game, praised by the audience and critics for its story and RTS game mechanics. The film continues by introducing the basic characteristics of the game, such as the presence of 13 characters (hence the title) that give us a different view of the plot and the events. In conclusion, the video reveals the 13 Sentinels Aegis Rim release date which, as mentioned, is April 12, 2022.

We told you in our review that: “13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim is a great game to look at, intriguing to discover, and fun to play when it comes to taking battle. After years of silence, Vanillaware is back with a near-perfect game, dirty core. Just the occasional lack of clarity on how to make The story progresses and the repetition which, however stimulating, in the long run makes itself felt during the fights.For the rest we are faced with a wisely constructed plot, complex but incomprehensible, who takes his time to reveal himself without hiding details useful to his understanding – in fact, he often enjoys putting it together In plain sight.”

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“The same simple style of on-field engagements is perfectly incorporated into the structure, leaving the adventure immersed in the beauty of its setting and in the depth of the story, which is a must-applaud for the interpreters. Narration is the dominant part of the thirty hours needed to complete the game but strategy lovers will also find satisfaction In the many battles that accompany the story. If you are passionate about the work of Vanillaware, needless to say not to miss 13 Watchmen: Aegis Rim but also if you have not heard of the studio before and are looking for a properly told science fiction story, then let yourself be fascinated by Kamitani’s inspiration” .

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