Towards a full Titan RTX GA102 and a 4-slot card?

Towards a full Titan RTX GA102 and a 4-slot card?

If you follow the news graphics processing units-You sure know that RTX-4090 works a AD102 GPU. However, the latter, despite being the largest chip in a generation, is incomplete. Among the 144 SMs from graphics processing unitsonly 128 are active, leaving a small margin of progress for nvidia To issue a new card. Moreover, when talking about a new card, the latter can reincarnate under a name Titan RTX. A brutal card if the series is to be believed YouTube Moore is dead law.

Titan RTX : a AD102 GPU complete and card on four slots?

Map display based on real images from MLID.

For this final card, nvidia will turn into AD102 GPU After all in SM assets, i.e. 144. Ditto, this translates, de facto, into a number of Koda Core Pushed to 18432. On the other hand, the memory brand can choose in GDDR6X even faster. The latter will then reach 24Gbps allowing for a total bandwidth of 1152GB/s. As for the quantity, we are entitled to a massive amount of VRAM : 48 GB! In short, face RTX-4090Quantity RAM Doubles when bandwidth increases by 14%!

Regarding the heatsink, we will have the right to a huge block that occupies 4 slots in one the computer. As always in RTX Titan As of 2018, we will find touches of gold on the gift. Finally, the Greens will continue to offer their own internal cooling system with two fans on either side of the radiator. On the other hand, Moore’s Law is dead Claims that offers made are based on actual photos of the card. The latter is so advanced in its development that it looks like a finished product. However, don’t expect models customsJust Founder’s edition He will propose … like everyone else Titan so far.

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Finally, for the power supply we will have the right to a double connector 12 volts At 12 + 4 pins, just for double the risk of fire (we’re kidding a little). On the other hand, with a consumption limit of 600 watts, this would account for it … in contrast to the 450 watts of RTX-4090. In short, little GeForce It looks meager by comparison.

On the other hand, it does not seem so nvidia Be prepared to release this card soon, so tweezers and so on.

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