Tourism in the time of Covid or Turkey without the Turks - Tahrir

Tourism in the time of Covid or Turkey without the Turks – Tahrir

Seen from Istanbul

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The government announced a complete curfew for two and a half weeks. It’s impossible to get out or enjoy the good weather at the water’s edge. Except for tourists who can move without restrictions in the country.

The Hagia Sophia is in the back, the Bosphorus is in the foreground: On the seventh floor of this hotel in the historical center of Istanbul, the terrace offers a wonderful view. Alina, all smiling, hands over a piece of bread to the seagulls, who flock to her. She screams cheerfully, her friend photographed her. Instagram video is provided for this Ukrainian blogger, on vacation with her partner and two friends. Usually, the scene wouldn’t be so surreal. After all, the region is the most touristy of Istanbul. Waiters watch the scene with exhausted eyes, and see tourists marvel at the seagulls dozens of times a day. But today, at the bottom of the hotel, complete silence reigns: across the country, stores as well as restaurants and banks have closed their stores until May 17 and Turks are complaining that they can only go out to shop.

Sesame passport

It is different for tourists. For them, in Istanbul, some museums are still open, alcohol is available …

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