Tour de Martinique in Round Boats 2022: Ufr / Chanflor's fourth stage victory at Fort-de-France

Tour de Martinique in Round Boats 2022: Ufr / Chanflor’s fourth stage victory at Fort-de-France

Stage four at Fort-de-France (August 4, 2022) culminates in a performance by Ufr/Chanflor. Sarah/Diane Remy’s auto-distribution team maintains its lead in the general classification.

A new and difficult stage for the pros this Thursday (August 4, 2022) due to the alternation between periods of wind and sudden winds.

Regatta races on the Caribbean coast are different from those practiced on the Atlantic coast, and therefore perpetual vigilance‘, explains our consultant Henri-Emile Largen. The best in this game is the Sara/Autodistribution crew.

As soon as we left Saint-Pierre, the boat took advantage of the light winds in the morning and then resisted thanks to the boat’s control as it passed without the slightest wind off the Carbet coast. In this way, the skiff regularly advances and “makes the hole”, the specialists note.

The day was marked by more misfortune, especially for the royal boat/Adeeb and William Soren/Meltis, who sank off Bellefontein. Loic Maas, coach of William Soren, is being looked after by his teammates due to injury, according to our reporters.

The canoe at the start of the fourth stage in Saint-Pierre.

© Denis Bouton

At the end of the course it was a great race, in order, between Sara / Autodistribution (Marin), Rosette / Orange Caraïbe (François) and Ufr / Chanflor (Robert).

Arriving at Fort-de-France Bay, in front of a large crowd, but plenty of boats, Ufr/Chanflor won after an exceptional comeback ahead of Sara/Autodistribution and Rosette/Orange Caraïbe.

Ranking at the end of the fourth stage in Fort-de-France

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Fourth stage arrangement

Fourth stage classification.


See time and point rankings

Ranking after the fourth stage

The standings after the fourth stage of the 2022 round.


Rosette/Orange Caraïbe received a 15-minute penalty from the Round Boat Association of Martinique for refusing to take priority over the Ufr/Chanflor boat before the Schelcher buoy, during this fourth stage. “I have not been called. I couldn’t even defend myself. (…) Back on the stage of yesterday (August 3, 2022), if it was the commissioner who really made the decision, why wasn’t the same decision made against Ufr/Chanflor for what happened in Grand-Rivière”, asks Kenny Exley, Rosette/Orange Caraïbe boat captain. Follow…

Tomorrow (August 5, 2022), the fifth stage between Fort de France and Diamant.

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