Tour de Martinique in Round Boats 2022: Rosette/Orange Caribbean's Triumph at Robert

Tour de Martinique in Round Boats 2022: Rosette/Orange Caribbean’s Triumph at Robert

The crew of the Rosette/Orange Caraïbe in Robert Bay won the first stage of the Martinique roundabout. Rosette takes the lead in the general classification.

The canoe, Rosette/Orange Caraïbe and Sara/Autodistribution, got off to a perfect start as soon as we left at 10 a.m. from Vauclin. On the other hand, one Ufr/Chanflor competitor holds back and admits a relatively large delay compared to the two flagship boats.

When they passed the first buoy, Rosette Orange Caraïbe was well ahead of Sara / Autodistribution and in third place was Ufr / Chanflor, who was knocked out of the peloton.

The trio presented themselves in the same order when they passed the second buoy on Madame Island.

After 1 hour 57 of the race, the third buoy does not change the rating, the three canoe develops with regular winds but gradually weakens.

The fourth buoy passed first by Rosette Orange Caraïbe, who won upon arrival at Robert Bay.

1 Caribbean orange flower at 2 hours, 7 and 48 inches

2 Sarah/Self distributing at 1’36”

3 Ufr / Chanflor at 1′ 58 inches

4 Caribbean Gfa at 7’35”

5 William Soren/Miltese at 7’47”

6 Appaloosa/Vito/Ho-Hio-Hen at 7’55”

7 Elise/Madiana at 8’19″…

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Tomorrow is the second stage between Robert and Trinity with the passage to Caravelle.

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