Charlie Faumuina sera de retour pour la demi-finale.

Toulouse with Fomoena against Caster, hopes for Nitti

Stade Toulouse left some feathers in their disputed playoff game Saturday night against La Rochelle, but it will count on at least one important return to the front line.

Mallez and Cros . influenced

Paul Males (shoulder) and Francois Kroos (knee) were discharged with injuries. The International Third Line must undergo tests to find out the exact nature of his injury. Perhaps it is less dangerous for Dorian Al-Daghiri.

My intention is hoping Faumuina is there

In terms of good news, Toulouse staff can count on the return of New Zealand columnist Charlie Fomoena. The penalty was suspended three weeks after receiving the red card in Brave, and the penalty was reduced after using the main contact process. The device that allows you to compensate by means of intervention exercises sent to World Rugby. “Unless it’s crushed during the week, I’m putting it on my hit list!”Said Ogo Mola relieved at the end of the game.

Rodrigue Netti, who has plantar thrush, hopes to advance to him even if time is short. On Saturday evening, in the France Bleu Occitanie pre-match, the prop showed us that he was able to resume playing at high power. The justice of the peace will now have melee action scheduled this week.

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