Toulouse.  Two new themes for the permanent exhibition at the Cité de l'espace

Toulouse. Two new themes for the permanent exhibition at the Cité de l'espace

Toulouse. Discover LuneXplorer in the Cité de l'espace
Council for Development and Reconstruction

In order to keep up with the latest developments in the field of space and after almost two years of development with the help of companies involved in this new space boom based in Toulouse, Comate, Hemeria, Kenes, Infinite Orbits and the French Space Agency, CNES La Cité de l'espace presents to the public two new themes. For the exhibition: Space innovations and space debris.

The first topic: space innovations. These are imaginative and amazing for all audiences. Miniatures and Constellations: The Space City offers its visitors through connections between private and public spatial structures.

To discover: SpaceX's Crew Dragon capsule clone, a life-sized replica of the nanosatellite for the Kinéis IoT constellation designed by HEMERIA and Comat for IoT antenna development. This exhibition also presents an exhibition of innovations on the latest space developments.

Debris caused by space activity

The second theme of the exhibition relating to debris caused by space activity was implemented and processed in close cooperation with the French National Center for Space Studies regarding the scientific content. It includes 4 large informational wall panels, a display showing the effect of a nanosatellite colliding with debris, in addition to an interactive game called “Orbital Dance.”

Through this fun and educational device developed in collaboration with CNES and World Game, visitors can “put themselves in the shoes of the satellite.” Thanks to cameras placed under the game screens, visitors can move the satellite to avoid colliding with debris.

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Practical information:

• Location: Cité de l'espace Avenue Jean Gonord in Toulouse
• Date: from June 4, 2024


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