Toulouse: everything that has changed since Fnac Wilson opened 30 years ago

Toulouse: everything that has changed since Fnac Wilson opened 30 years ago

The brand of cultural and technical products celebrates its 30th anniversary on the site of downtown Toulouse, in the alleys of Roosevelt.

Older Toulouse residents probably remember the Fnac buildings, located on the Place Saint-Georges in place of the current Gifi and the former Tati. Youngsters used to go down President Roosevelt’s alleys in the heart of the city and push the door of the cultural instigator, who has been there for 30 years in June. Here, we have 3600 square metres, as Brand Manager Laure Aoustin explains, it’s a fairly large space in the city center, especially for the cultural part and art products. “Michael Grammond, Honorary Seller in the Image Department and who has been in the store for 32 years, has been following all the technological developments but also, with pleasure, the clothes and hair of the customers:” Since May 9, 1990, the date I arrived, I have seen so many changes! I even filmed preparing to move between the two locations with one of Sharp’s first adjustable screen digital cameras, it was a revolution! And before that there were 50 stores, the American restaurant…”

Drones, manga and mobility

Michel alone recalls these years of technological development: “In the photos, I remember the transition from film to digital, which no one believed in, and I remember Canon ION with a floppy disk that cost 5900 francs at the time, Sony released the same but with a larger capacity And today the return of Polaroid and disposable cameras taken by girls aged 14-24! I show them how to put a movie in the camera, it’s sci-fi for them! And in this regard, Michele puts himself there because he also gives demonstrations of drones in Stores: “Its arrival, the development of digital technology, and the advent of telephones have changed the situation in photography and video.” In the audio sector, the decline in CD sales thus far has been offset by a return in favor of good old vinyl.

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And K-Pop never tires of awe-inspiring Laure Aoustin: “We can compare the phenomenon to the manga phenomenon, the expansion is absolutely amazing. There is also environmental awareness, hence the development of urban mobility products such as scooters and bicycles and we advise our customers on products with a high “repairability” index. It has also given us a new gaming space and we are in great demand on the multi-channel (e-commerce) segment.” Wilson’s location will develop further in the coming months but there is still something on the radar regarding the location of the former UGC Cinemas planned for the relocation of the brand. Follow…

Fnac is also present in Jeanne d’Arc (77, rue d’Alsace Lorraine) and Labège.

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