Toulon apologizes after calling Clermont a “monument in danger”

VAR explained that it “regrets this publication and shows great respect for ASM”.

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Bernard Lemaitre, President of RC Toulon. panoramic

before Sunday night game against Claremont At the end of The 19th day of the Top 14 listThe Toulonnais rugby club published an article introducing its future opponent, with the headline Clermont is a monument fraught with danger. Title (since retired) Which pissed me off Christopher Oreosthe new manager of the Auvergne club who recently replaced New Zealander Juno Gibbs.

“I found myself reading an article during the week I was flagged “ASM Monument in Danger”. This has the knack of pissing me off. And that means the players who have been there for a long time, the ones who will come – like me -, the youngsters, we have to show that we are not in cut In the pre-match press conference. Adding:Admittedly, we are not at the best stage of ASM but we must tell ourselves that we must be respected. And I think this match, compared to all of that, is awesome!»

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Randomized controlled trials show ‘the greatest respect for ASGM’

On Saturday, at the end of the day, RCT wanted to apologize to ASM after this post. “48 hours ago, the club’s website address “ASM, Monument in Danger” Article offering weekend discount. This unfortunate nickname was soon retired. In fact, this in no way reflects how the RCT feels about ASM Clermont Auvergne, a historic and respected club in our league.»

Then the Toulon club explained that “He regrets this post and shows great respect to ASM, its leaders, players and supporters, whom he will have the honor of facing this Sunday at Marcel Michelin during a grand poster for the Top 14.End of controversy before Sunday evening’s shock at Michelin.

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